Full-Service SaaS
Digital Marketing

Access to an entire digital marketing department for the cost of one team member, maximising profitability, growth and improving efficiency.


Your Guide to SaaS Marketing Success

Whether you’re looking to increase customer acquisition, improve retention, or refine your product-market fit, we have you covered. You’ll have full control over the digital marketing tasks we complete with flexibility to switch and assign priorities based on your current goals.

Our Marketing Team

With Gaia Labs, you’re forming a partnership with a dedicated organisation, fully supported by our multifaceted marketing team, industry-leading tools, and proven processes.

  • Marketing Development
  • Growth Marketing for SaaS
  • Revenue Driven Marketing
  • B2B SEO Services
  • Media Buying
  • Marketing Operations & Automations

Our Other Services

From concept to launch, we guide you through the entire process, applying a product-led growth strategy.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile Apps Solutions
  • UI/UX Design
  • Business Consultancy

Why choose us

A Convenient, All-in-One Solution for Your SaaS Business.

As the world’s first SaaS full-service digital marketing subscription, we redefined digital marketing by offering an all-in-one subscription model that ensures productivity, an efficient investment, and an expert team all in one comprehensive solution.

We are a partner that aims to improve the way SaaS companies engage in digital marketing.

Cost-Effective SaaS Solutions
100% Scalable Full-Service Marketing Team
Full Adaptive Support, Customer Obsessed
Dedicated Partnership for Growth
Unmatched Expertise, Proven Results

Solutions for your business

A Better Solution at Any SaaS Stage

Startup Stage

In the Startup phase, Gaia Labs focuses on launching your SaaS business into the market with impact. We employ targeted growth marketing techniques, sharpening campaign efficiency, and optimise resources—all tailored to SaaS startups. Our approach integrates customer feedback seamlessly, ensuring that your entry into the market or growth is not only strong but also perfectly aligned with your target audience's needs.

  • Brand differentiation and expansion
  • Improve customer acquisition
  • Achieve product-market fit
  • Value proposition development
  • GTM strategy development
  • Marketing funnel optimisation
  • Channel analysis & optimisation

Scale-up Stage

At the Scale-Up stage, Gaia Labs focuses on expanding your market reach. Our strategies are designed to engage a broader audience, improve user experiences, and position your brand powerfully in a competitive landscape. This comprehensive approach ensures you can efficiently scale operations and increase market penetration without the overhead of traditional marketing efforts.

  • Scalable growth process
  • Maximise CLV and reduce churn
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Attribution modelling
  • Marketing automation & personalisation
  • Market & product expansion strategy
  • Omnichannel marketing strategy

Early Enterprise

At the Enterprise stage, Gaia Labs focuses on executing sophisticated global marketing strategies and developing advanced digital solutions to keep your enterprise at the forefront of innovation. Our comprehensive approach ensures your marketing efforts are as scalable and cutting-edge as your business, driving growth and maintaining competitive advantage in the global market.

  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Integration
  • Optimised workflows
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • Resilience and excellence in the dynamic landscape of large-scale enterprises

How we work

Easy Onboarding, Quality Assurance, and Maximised Results

Using our unique hourly allocation model, we maximise your investment. Every hour with us drives your SaaS success, we eliminate the need to hire and train your own Marketing Team.

Launch and Adapt


We start your journey with a discovery to understand your pressing needs. Identifying your current business goals, objectives, target audience and key deliverables. This foundational step allows us to understand your vision so that we can tailor our approach to meet your needs.


Get Your Proposal

Based on the discovery, we will create an initial proposal based on your current goals. This will outline our planned approach, timeline, and key milestones. Our proposal aligns with your business objectives using our hourly allocation model providing a clear roadmap for your SaaS success.


Kick-Start Your Project

Onboarding with us is efficient with kick-off meetings to align our team with your current goals. No delays, just swift action. We start the project instantly making sure you are aware of our processes to ensure efficient communication and collaboration along our partnership.


Agile Project Process

Our strategic approach delivers a clear roadmap, constantly aligning with your most up to date business goals to maximise results. You benefit from our adaptable methods, recurring check ins, and weekly sprints, providing transparency and allowing for quick adaptation to stay aligned with your top priorities.


Launch and Adapt

When your business objectives have been met successfully, we adapt quickly to focus our marketing team's efforts on your company's next priority goal ensuring you get the most out of our subscription and your SaaS business goals are handled with efficiency and convenience.

Boost Your ROI With Your Own Marketing Team.

Our portfolio

Ideas We Have Helped Validate
Search Engine Optimisation
17 Months
Organic Marketing
Platforms & Tools
FinTech - SEO
Search Engine Optimisation
9 Months
Organic Marketing
Platforms & Tools
Edumentors - Organic Marketing
Increasing ARR
18 Months
NLP Healthcare - SaaS Business Consulting
Performance Marketing
3 Months
Media Buying
Elevate IQ - Media Buying
Media Buying
3 Months
Media Buying
The Splash Lab - Performance Marketing
Performance Marketing
4 Months
Media Buying
Platforms & Tools
Meta Ads
Hatch - Media Buying
Go to Market and MVP Launch
6 Months
Productivity App - GTM
Improving User Retention
3 Months
Marketing Strategy
Revenue Driven Marketing
Growth Marketing
Kernel - Revenue Driven Marketing
Lead Generation
3 Months
Media Buying
Marketing Operations
Marketing Development
Kernel - Lead Generation

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